Walled Garden

The Walled Kitchen Gardens originally produced fruit and vegetables for the Bridgeman family, their guests and staff. The 4.5 acres of garden were built on the sheltered south facing slope with the walls dating from the late 18th century and the gardens were in production until the 1970s.

The Southern Walled Garden was restored by the Weston Park Foundation in 2005 and is now to home to a Yew Hedge Maze, labyrinth and grass mazes as well as heritage varieties of apple trees and a sensory garden.

The Northern Walled Garden, which was originally divided into four areas by paths to enable a four year rotation of crops is also being restored on a gradual basis and is currently home to Jacob and St Kilda sheep, which are heritage breeds and sculptures. A wild flower meadow, changing displays of contemporary sculpture and restoration of the gardener’s bothies are also planned for the future.

The Walled Garden is open from 10am – 4pm and is free to enter