The Enchanted Glen

Do you believe in fairies?

Come and discover the magic of the Enchanted Glen, in our brand new augmented reality experience.

Find the magical folk

With the help of your mobile device, you can uncover the hidden secrets of Temple Wood and see new fairy friends appear right in front of your eyes.

Snap a selfie with a gnome

Children will be able to create their very own adventure with playful new characters like Larkin the Elf and Aurelia the Fairy Queen and even pose for photos with them.

Find them all.. if you can!

Collect all the characters when you find them and discover their stories on the app.

The Enchanted Glen is based on the original fairy stories and poetry of Lady Diana Bridgeman written 100 years ago when she lived at Weston Park.

The Enchanted Glen App is free to download on iPhone and Android devices. Find the trigger points and go and meet your new friends in the Enchanted Glen!