Granary Art Gallery

Due to the National Lockdown the Granary Art Gallery is currently closed.

We are looking to re-open on the 12th April.

Covid-19 Statement

Birmingham Society of Botanical Artists

12th April – 27th May

Flora Mundi – a celebration of all things botanical, shown through plant portraits, in various mediums, that aim to reflect the variety and wonder of our natural world.

This celebration draws attention to the many ways that plants evoke our senses – visually through reminding us of the beauty of a humble cabbage leaf, the warmth of the sun through the depiction of luscious pomegranates and the delicacy and wonder of the structure of a plant seen in the graphic depiction of Cuscuta europaea ( Great Dodder) .

Overall, this exhibition aims to highlight the breadth and awe of nature and the ancient art of portraying plants, not just for scientific purposes, but also for their aesthetic qualities. The pictures allow us another way of bringing nature into our homes.

Hall Young Artist 

12th April – 27th May 

Our as-yet unseen 2020 Junior Art Open Competition, generously Sponsored by Halls, showcases young artistic talent from schools in Shropshire and Staffordshire. In spite of the pandemic, young artists, supported by dedicated parents and teachers, put together a fabulous display of artistic talent on a theme of global travel and discovery. Don’t miss this exhibition of the next generation of artists, which can be seen in the ground floor Gallery, atrium and main Gallery at the Granary!

Originally built in 1767, the Art Gallery was unused for many years before becoming the subject of a total and most sympathetic restoration, thanks to support from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Now set beneath a splendidly characterful old beamed roof, you’ll find the Art Gallery in the building that houses the Granary Brasserie and here you’ll discover monthly selling exhibitions by acclaimed artists from the UK and beyond, along with items on loan to the gallery from private collections.

The exhibitions in the Granary Art Gallery are organised by Weston Park’s Curatorial & Learning Department.

Opening Times

The Art Gallery is currently closed.