The Shrewsbury Walk Project

The Shrewsbury Walk area of Weston Park, originally designed by the celebrated landscape designer Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, is the final area of the Capability Brown Landscape that has not been refreshed since the Foundation began in the 1980s. Over the years the Shrewsbury Walk has only received general maintenance and is in need of attention and reinvigoration.

The walk, an often forgotten area of the park, takes visitors up along the wall on a circular walk to the west of the park, providing stunning views across the estate and the Shropshire Hills.

Each generation at Weston Park has altered elements of the Shrewsbury Walk design and the Head Gardener, Martin Gee, has a vision to restore the walk to Capability Brown’s original plan. This new design is based on original maps, photography and historic planting lists.

Restoring this section of the gardens is a big team effort with the gardeners and volunteers working closely together. Work has already begun, with the centre of the loop being cleared of rhododendrons. The work means there is now an open view of the parkland from the upper pathway which was not visible previously. Next the garden team hope to plant great drifts of bulbs and wildflowers, encouraging more wildlife into the space. Following this, the borders will be dug back in along freshly gravelled pathways. Benches will also be put along the walk for visitors to enjoy the views across the park.

Many plants and trees introduced by Brown can still be recognised along the Shrewsbury Walk today, for example the Yew trees which were used as a backdrop to hide walls and fences, which were one of a limited type of coniferous trees available at the time. Ferns, which were heavily used by Brown in his designs, can be seen along the Shrewsbury Walk and feature in the other gardens here at Weston Park.

Our aim is to encourage people back into this beautiful area of the park, to enjoy the tranquillity of the space. The circular walk is the perfect length to enjoy a peaceful stroll whilst taking in the beautiful views of the park and countryside beyond.

We are raising money towards the project through the South Staffordshire Community Lottery.

Proceeds from South Staffordshire Community Lottery Tickets will go towards the Shrewsbury Walk project to contribute towards bulbs, plants, benches and equipment.

The lottery costs only £1 a week to enter. 50% of your entry will go to our cause, and another 10% to other local causes.

Each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance to win, with a top prize of £25,000!

Thank you for your support.