Rare Coade stone Sundial Plinth returns to Weston Park

Thanks to your generosity and the Arts Society Wrekin we are welcoming the return of a historical treasure.

In 2017, Martin Gee, our Head Gardener and his team found an eighteenth century sundial base amongst shoulder high nettles.

With the success of the fundraising campaign, we sent the plinth of for restoration with Phil Thomasson, a Dorset-based conservator. To accompany the plinth a new sundial was crafted to replace the missing original, by Robert Foster from Jackfield.

Our Curator and Head of Learning, Gareth Williams, recognised the plinth as a rare Coade stone piece made in 1790s by female entrepreneur Eleanor Coade.

He said “The piece is detailed in the agents’ accounts for 1779, which are now in the care of Staffordshire Archives at Stafford, and these tell us that on the 1st of January that year Mrs Coade was paid £28 for the plinth. Restoration in 2020/1 cost the Foundation considerably more, in being just under £20,000. We have been enormously grateful to Arts Society Wrekin and also to members of the public who have spiritedly supported this fascinating and unusual appeal, so that as an independent charity we can restore the piece and return it to its intended location in the gardens”.

Now returned to Weston Park within the beautiful Formal Gardens for all to enjoy.

You will be able to view the newly restored plinth during our Christmas Food & Craft Fayre and whilst we are opening during Twixmas.