10 Things To Do At Weston Park

Every visit to Weston Park is different! From swinging on the log swings to admiring the seasonal blooms, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on the estate. What will you do on your next visit?


1. Head for the Woodland Adventure Playground

A highlight of any family day out at Weston Park! The Woodland Adventure Playground, nestled in the delightful Temple Wood is a haven for big and little kids alike, with log swings, slides, floor level trampoline and a double zip-wire all to enjoy!


2. Ride your bike through the Parkland

The parkland at Weston is the perfect place to enjoy a bike ride in stunning surroundings, safely! Follow the pathways meandering through the estate, and explore every corner of the park. Follow a ‘Park Walks Map’ or simply see where the trails take you.


3. Enjoy a picnic on the Sweeping Lawns

Weston is the perfect place for a picnic! Our favourite spot is on the sweeping lawns looking out onto the west face of the house. Grab something from our fabulous Stables Coffee Bar, or you are very welcome to bring along your own.


4. Pretend to be a hermit in Pendrel’s Cave

Pendrel’s Cave can be found on Shrewsbury Walk. The cave is believed to have been home to one of the Pendrel family in the 18th century. It now makes a great hiding place, why not pretend to be old Pendrel living in the cave!


5. Take a ride on the Miniature Railway

All aboard! Our resident locomotive Merlin can be found at the train station in Temple Wood. The 12 minute train journey takes you through the woodland, past pools, trees and wildlife. The Miniature Railway will be running from the 12th April.


6. Spot the fish in the Conservatory

Our beautiful conservatory overlooking Church Pool is home to beautiful plants grown by the gardens team, and a pond of lovely fish! Spot the fish and listen to the soft sprinkling of the water feature.


7. Play poo-sticks at Paine’s Bridge

Paines Bridge, the beautiful Roman Bridge across Temple Pool is the perfect spot for a game of poo sticks! Find a stick each, then throw it into the water. The stick quickest to float under the bridge and out to the other side wins! Best of 3?


8. Identify the species of trees with a Tree Trail

Thanks to Capability Brown we have an amazing array of tree species in the park. Using a tree trail you can identify all the different trees we are lucky enough to have within the grounds of the estate. Some of the trees in the estate are over 600 years old!


9. Spot the rare breed sheep and deer in the park

As well as wildlife making its home on the estate, we also have our own resident animals. Say hello to our herd of deer in the Medieval Deer Park, and spot our black and white rare breed sheep wandering about the parkland.


10. Stop and smell the roses on Rose Walk

Rose Walk is one of the most beautiful, yet less visited corners of Weston Park. The Gardens Team work hard every year to maintain our beautiful rose bushes along Rose Walk, take a look and stop and smell the roses!


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