Wellness Weekends at Weston

The New World of Wellness

As we finally emerge from the world of lockdown, the entire nation has become acutely more aware of their wellbeing. We are all much more aware of how eating habits and movement effects your energy levels, how a lack of communication with others can affect your mental health, and even how a home cooked meal using produce grown in the garden not only has great physical health benefits, but is also surprisingly therapeutic.

As the world begins to go back to normal, it’s important that we take some of these learnings about our wellbeing forward, and continue to look after ourselves as our lives progress into the ‘new normal’.

Wellness Weekends

Weston Park are introducing brand new Wellness Weekends. A weekend designed to get away from it all, focus on both your mental and physical wellbeing, and learn about things you can do at home. Experience ‘Forest Bathing’, enjoy a tour of the Walled Kitchen Gardens, and learn from a cooking demonstration with Weston’s Head Chef.

The House at Weston really is the ultimate place to relax and unwind. A world away from home, settle into one of our luxurious bedrooms, and make yourself comfortable in the Library in front of the roaring fire. Home for the weekend!

On the evening of the stay, dinner will be held in the unbelievably stunning Dining Room. A three-course meal will be served, inspired by the fresh produce from the estate.

What is Forest Bathing?

On the first day of a Wellness Weekend, there is the opportunity to experience the unique Japanese Phenomenon of ‘Forest Bathing’. Though it may sound strange, the idea is actually quite simple.

The session is based around an extremely slow walk around the woodland. With the Forest Bathing Guide setting your pace for you, the experience is surprisingly challenging, forcing bathers to really take in their surroundings, and focus on the journey rather than the destination.

During the walk the Guide will pause at various ‘invitations’ where the group will be encouraged to connect with or explore nature closely. The guide may suggest inspecting the woodland floor, smelling the trees, or listening for a sound you haven’t before.

Goodness from the Gardens

The following day, guests can prepare to be inspired by our home turf team. Both Assistant Head Gardener Dan Charlesworth, and Head Chef Anna Moore will be giving guests wellness inspiration straight from the estate.

Dan will be touring Weston’s very own Walled Kitchen Gardens. After growing produce for the house for hundreds of years, the Walled Gardens had lay dormant until 2019, when seeds were sown and fresh food was finally grown in the Walled Garden once more. Now, just a year later the Walled Garden is brimming with colourful vegetables, thanks to our dedicated gardens team. Dan will share his knowledge and share tips on how to be just as successful at growing an abundance of fresh foods from your own garden.

Taking the reins in the kitchen, Head Chef Anna Moore will be taking the fresh produce from the gardens and showing guests ways to make it into something healthy and delicious. Anna has worked on the estate for over five years, and has been integral in introducing more and more freshly grown ingredients into the Granary Brasserie menu. Taste, enjoy, and take home tips straight from Weston’s renowned kitchens.

Join us Safely

The estate and the House offer plenty of space to distance yourself from others, during time in the House, and out in the gardens. Numbers are limited to ensure safety, so guests can relax and really enjoy their time away for a wellness weekend.

During a strange time for everyone, Wellness Weekends are a chance to take a step back, and enjoy a stripped back weekend focussed on you.