30 Things to do on a Day Out at Weston

Here at Weston there are plenty of things to see and explore. You could barely fit them all into one day! As part of celebrating 30 years since the Weston Park Foundation was established, we have put together a list of 30 things to do on your day out at Weston Park. Be sure not to miss anything!

1. Head for the Woodland Adventure Playground

This year we have newly renovated the playground area to make it more exciting than ever! Whilst retaining the features that you know and love such as swings, slides, cargo net and climbing wall, the playground is home to eight pieces of brand new interactive equipment, including one of the country’s largest zip wires!


2. Ride your bike over Paine’s Bridge

Built by the famous architect James Paine as part of Capability Brown’s vision for Temple Wood, this stunning bridge stretches over Temple Pool. He also designed the beautiful Temple of Diana.



3. Take a selfie with one of our fun selfie boards in the House

Become a part of some the most famous portraits we have in the collection with our fantastic selfie boards. You can find them hiding around the House. Don’t forget to upload it! #WestonPark


4. Roll down the sweeping lawns

The sweeping lawns are a part of Capability Brown’s creation, designed to appear drawn out and delightful. As part of the Shrewsbury Walk, they are perfect for somersaulting down or just relaxing on!



5. Pretend to be a hermit in Pendrell’s Cave

Legend would have it, that this cave was once the home of a hermit called Pendrell, who is said to have been connected to the family that aided Charles || as he hid up the famous oak tree at Boscobel House. You can find the cave on Shrewsbury Walk.



6. Run around the maze

We have three mazes to get your heads around at Weston, from our log and grass mazes to the traditional Yew Hedge Maze! All ready for you to explore in the Walled Garden.


7. Meet the chickens in the Walled Garden

Say hello to our brood of chickens in the Walled Garden, who are Head Butler Graeme’s pride and joy! You can also buy their eggs from the Granary Deli!



8. Take a ride on the Miniature railway

Meet Merlin, our resident locomotive! The one mile journey takes 12 minutes and takes riders through scenic Temple Wood past lakes and woodland, taking in wildlife at every turn.



9. Have a go on one of the country’s largest double zip wires

Brand new for this year, we now have one of the largest zip-wires in the country! See it in the newly renovated Woodland Adventure Playground, situated within the beautiful surroundings of Temple Wood.



10. Play pooh-sticks at Paine’s Bridge

The game ‘pooh-sticks’ derives from the much loved children’s character, Winnie the Pooh. Each choose a stick and stand on the top of Paine’s bridge. Throw your sticks over the edge, and whoever’s comes out the other side quickest wins!



11. Say hello to Disraeli’s yellow parrot in the Drawing Room

This famous parrot was given by Disraeli as a present to Selina Bradford. It was assumed to be male, until it suddenly laid many eggs and died from the effort. Find him sat in the Drawing Room.



12. Go Pond Dipping in Capability Brown’s Temple Pool 

There are plenty of mini-beasts waiting to be caught in Temple Pool. Try out pond dipping to find fish, frogs, snails and all sorts of other tiny animals!



13. Grab a selfie with our Guitar hero “Slash” in the Adventure Playground

We love music here at Weston, did you know we host the huge music event ‘V Festival’ here at Weston Park every summer? We have a great carved out statue of the iconic “Slash” in Woodland Adventure Playground! Be sure to grab a selfie. #WestonPark



14. Grab a trail in a bag

Pick up a trail in a bag from the STUFF! activity room and go on your very own woodland adventure in Temple Wood! Learn about the different trees that Capability Brown planted within this area, and do bark rubbings of each species as you go along!


15. Spot the rare breed sheep in the Walled Garden

The Northern Walled Garden, which was originally divided into four areas by paths to enable a four year rotation of crops is currently being restored on a gradual basis and is currently home to Jacob and St Kilda sheep, which are heritage breeds and have made their home on the estate for decades.


16. Follow our Fun Facts trail in the House

Follow a Fun Facts trail inside the house to discover something new! This fun trail brings the house to life for visitors of all ages. Will you be able to find everything?



17. Find the secret doors in the Library

Did you know that some of the bookcases in the library are actually secret doors? If you look really closely at some of the books on the shelves, they aren’t real! These doors lead outside and into other rooms in the house.


18. Meet the Captain of the Mary Rose in the Morning Room

The Mary Rose has recently been unveiled to the public after much restoration. In the Morning Room there is a precious portrait of the Captain of the famous ship, George Carew, painted by Holbein.



19. Ride your bikes around miles of Parkland

Here at Weston there are 1000 acres of land for you to enjoy and explore. It would take you a while to walk round it, so why not see it by bike? Perhaps the best way to appreciate the magnificence of Capability Brown’s work.


20. Go on a Behind the Scenes tour and learn more about the 3rd Earl’s famous house parties and what life was like below the stairs #DowntownAbbey

Book onto a Behind the Scenes tour and explore rooms and corridors where the public aren’t usually able to access. Areas to be seen include the Servants Hall, Stewards Room, Middle Drawing Room, Boudoir, Family Staircase and some of the 28 bedrooms. The house is available to book for your own private party, just like the 3rd Earl’s, too!


21. Take a look at the fabulous 20th century toys on display in STUFF!

Drop by our STUFF! activity room to take a look at the fascinating Victorian toys on display. On show are a wide variety of fabulous 20th century toy cars, horses and lawnmowers that would have provided endless hours of fun for the Bradford family.



22. Join one of our story telling sessions in the House

Story telling sessions will take place in the House this summer. We will be reading a selection of popular children’s books from 12.00-12.30 every weekday between 25 July and 16 August. Join in the fun!



23. Discover the tragic tale behind the statue in the Tear Drop Garden

This statue represents a tragic tale, a story of unrequited love from the 19th century. The garden is beautifully designed and shaped into a tear drop and leads into the stunning Rose Walk.


24. Play hide and seek in the Italian Gardens

The charming Italian Gardens sit just outside of the Victorian Orangery. These were sunken so that guests sitting in the Orangery could see out over the unbroken views of the park. Run around the gardens or sit and enjoy the view.


25. Take a stroll through Shrewsbury Walk to see the deer

Up on Shrewsbury Walk you can see the fields where our fallow deer live. These deer used to roam free throughout the park, and have lived on the estate for hundreds of years. They are kept from Shrewsbury Walk by a ha-ha, a ditch which acts as a fence, without disrupting the park views.


26. Count the goldfish in the Conservatory Pool

The Conservatory was built in the 1930’s replacing the Victorian construction. The foundations of the original can still be seen today. Head Gardener Martin Gee cares for the array of plants which can be seen within the Conservatory.


27. Can you make the scariest laugh in the Pauslip’s Tunnel?

The Pauslip’s Tunnel connects Temple Wood and the front of the House, and was designed to take visitors out from the natural form of the wood into the more formal vista of the house. It is particularly dark and echoey in the tunnel, see who can make the scariest laugh!



28. Cross the stepping stones in the Cascade Garden

The Cascade Garden was built was 1930’s to as memorial to Lady Joan Bridgeman who died young in a horse riding accident. It was restored to its former glory in 2014, making it a beautiful area of the park to visit.


29. Can you spot the Knoll Tower from the Plane Tree Lawn?

From the Plane Tree Lawn you should be able to spot the Knoll Tower in the distance. Built in the Victorian period, the tower has now been renovated into a holiday property, where you could stay! Other holiday lets on the park include the Temple of Diana and new for 2016, the Gardener’s Bothies.



30. The Silver Cup can be found in the Silver Safe – learn more about the fascinating story behind this wonderful item in the collection

Find the Silver Cup in the Silver Safe within the House. This precious item was made from the silver melted down from the great seal. Chief Justice Orlando Bridgeman used this seal as Lord Keeper of the Great Seal between 1667-1672.