What's on

  1. Mary Cunnah & Maggie Humphry Exhibition Saturday 29th March 2014 - Monday 28th April 2014
  2. The Whittingham Riddell Weston Park National Fine Art Open Competition Tuesday 8th April 2014 - Monday 30th June 2014
  3. Easter Opening & Craft Making Saturday 12th April 2014 - Sunday 27th April 2014
  4. Transport Show Sunday 20th April 2014 - Monday 21st April 2014
  5. Open House Saturday 26th April 2014
  6. Mostly Figurative - May Exhibition in the Granary Art Gallery Thursday 1st May 2014 - Wednesday 28th May 2014
  7. Spring Plant Fair Sunday 4th May 2014 - Monday 5th May 2014
  8. Bluebell and Rhododendron Walk Sunday 18th May 2014
  9. People, Place, Form - Geoff Hewitt, David Hall and Jane Young Sunday 1st June 2014 - Sunday 15th June 2014

The Weston Park Foundation

Weston was gifted to the nation by Richard, the 7th and present Earl, and with the aid of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the collection is now in the care of the Trustees of The Weston Park Foundation.

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to conserve and display Weston and its contents for the public benefit and to develop its role as an educational charity.  There is a continuous programme of improvements in both fields.  Much of what is done is built on the work of previous generations of the family and the Trustees are conscious of the responsibilities they have inherited.

To this end the House is not only open to the public on a regular basis but is also used residentially by a wide variety of organisations.  The Foundation is particularly proud of its work in the educational field with large numbers of visiting school parties and significant links with universities and colleges including research work on the collections.

Outside, in the Park and Gardens, almost all the buildings and follies have been restored and many thousands of people regularly come to enjoy events like the Bonfire & Firework Extravaganza, Midland Game Fair, V Festival and Horse Trials.  A by-product of these activities is that the Foundation has continued the country house tradition of providing a considerable amount of local employment.