Enhance children’s understanding of what life was like for children “at home” in Britain during World War 2..

On arrival children are issued with gas mask boxes to give them a flavour of what it was like to be a child during World War II. (The gas mask boxes are not authentic and the children will not be able to take them away with them).

A lot of what the children learn during the course of the day involves Weston Park which was used as a RAF base, Red Cross Station and Army Post as well as a cannery. Although only a village Weston had its own Air Raid Warden and Home Guard and Anti Aircraft Gun and there is evidence that Weston sustained attacks during the war from enemy aircraft.

Included in the day are the following:

Making Activity (children make their own Gas Mask or Clay Warden’s Head to take back to school) and will view our collection of authentic gas masks—including one for a baby, toddler, child and army personnel.

Visit to the 1940s sitting room (children are given an opportunity to learn about life for children during the war, listen to Chamberlain’s famous speech and see a Red Cross apron worn at Weston during the war!)

Try out our ’Morrison Shelter’ with their friends and learn about its use.

Dress up in 1940s clothing including RAF, Navy and Army uniforms, Fire Service, ladies dresses, coats, hats, furs and nurses uniforms.

Examine a selection of authentic and replica items from the time.

Experience and learn about the Black Out & Air Raid and evacuees and what was happening at Weston Park.

Visit our authentic ‘Anderson’ Shelter and discover what the conditions were like.

The above activities are available during the Academic Years 2017- 2018 at the all inclusive price of £7.50 per child. Costs are based on a minimum of 20 children. Visits cater for a maximum of 70 children and we qualify 35 or less children as one group. Activities will be led by a member of the Learning Department . This experience is only available as a Private Visit from September until May. The day commences at approx. 10.00 am and concludes at 2.30 p.m. latest. A covered area is available for lunch.