School visits at Weston Park

Weston Park are winners of the Sandford Award for Heritage Education, 2002, 2007, 2012 and 2017.

From September to June, Weston Park offers schools private themed educational visits which have a strong link with the National Curriculum.

The Educational Visits includes a Weston Park Representative to lead the day and the materials for your chosen activity session.  Please note that the Weston Park Representative will not be supervising the lunch time period.

Safe Practice Guidelines

Weston Park is committed to offering a stimulating and safe environment for learning.  Our own risk assessments which are available to download on this page should not replace your own assessment as they refer to things which we regard as a risk, and as each class is different, you may want to consider other factors.  To allow you to complete your own assessment we welcome teachers and leaders to visit Weston Park by a mutually convenient arrangement.