Reviewing the ‘ideal’ landscape

04 June – 03 September 2017 in the Granary Art Gallery and the Walled Garden

During summer 2017 Weston Park welcomes Meadow Arts to display a large-scale exhibition Synthetic Landscapes. The exhibition will explore the sculpted parkland of Capability Brown, created as ‘pleasure ground’ for the enjoyment of the family of the House.

Following the great success of the Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown’s 300th anniversary celebrations 2016, renowned contemporary artists have been invited to explore Weston Park and its history, responding to ‘Capability’ Brown’s grand landscape and James Paine’s architecture with newly commissioned work and a group exhibition. ‘Synthetic Landscapes’ will show artists’ responses through an outdoor exhibition of new commissions and recent work, shown in the original Brownian landscape, as well as an indoor exhibition of sculptures, paintings and films in the Granary Art Gallery.

‘Synthetic Landscapes’ will be placed in both the Granary Art Gallery and our Walled Garden. The exhibition will demonstrate a new and exciting use for the pineapple houses in the Walled Garden which fell out of use in the mid twentieth century having long ago ceased the need to grow the fruits on the estate. This will give both the buildings and the artwork and brand new perspective.

During the three month long exhibition, children will be able to follow art trails around the park to discover the exhibition and broaden little minds.

Commissioned artists: 

Pablo Bronstein is a highly regarded artist specialising in architectural sketches in ink and gouache, incorporating styles from 18th century France and the 1980s. His commissioned drawings will be on display in the Granary Art Gallery. He will also be producing a large 3D scale piece which will be positioned within the Walled Garden.

Heather and Ivan Morison have constructed an abstract sculpture, traced in flowing pastels, lined with deeper crimsons and turquoises and flecked with patches of umber, zinc and cadmium. It sits in one of the Pavilions within the Walled Garden.

Borrowed works:

Ged Quinn creates unique works tearing away the simplicity behind a landscape. His work combines collage with realism. He is celebrated for his densely layered paintings that transform art historical techniques into contemporary experience.

Ryan Gander is a sculpture creating sculptures out of natural materials. Gander is interested in culture, and uses this in his work.

Julian Opie produces short films that simplify the landscape. He will also be exhibiting a 3D piece of work within the Walled Garden.

Dafna Talmor is a photographer who has her stunning and unique prints on show. Talmor an artist and lecturer based in London whose work encompasses photography, video, curation and collaborations.

Edward Chell’s paintings depict the fine line between the natural and the synthetic landscape. His work explores ideas around taste, consumption and display and their relationship to environment he has a particular interest in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the interplay between discovery, natural sciences and the decorative arts.

Hélène Muheim draws beautiful natural pictures, which will be on display in the Art Gallery. Muheim lives and works in Montreuil, France. Amongst her past work, she has created, “A virtual space for doing nothing”.

David Bethell is a UK artist based in Leek, Staffordshire Moorlands and London. Bethell’s 3D contraption will sit in the meadow within the Walled Garden, creating an interesting interjection of synthetic within the natural landscape. His work often looking at the contrasts and conflicts of human influences on landscape.

Helen Maurer will be projecting natural shapes onto the interior walls of the Bothies in the Walled Garden, allowing spectators to look inside at the artwork. Maurer originally studied Fine Art and Theatre before specialising in glass. She has exhibited internationally and often collaborates with other artists, choreographers and musicians.

Salvatore Arancio will be showing his film within one of the Walled Garden bothies. Working across a range of media such as photo-etchings, collage, animation and video, he looks to nature and science for his sources of inspiration.  

Jasleen Kaur is a Scottish Indian artist based in London. Brought up in a traditional Sikh household in Glasgow, her work is an ongoing exploration into the malleability of culture and the layering of social histories within materials and objects.

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery will be hosting the opposing end of the show, in tandem with this exhibition. They will explore the appropriation of landscape during the birth of the Industrial Revolution and afterwards. It will be on show from the 23rd June – 3rd September 2017. 

Please note the Park and Walled Garden are CLOSED Wednesday 16th – Wednesday 23rd August for the build and breakdown of the V Festival. The Art Gallery will be closed Friday 18th August – Monday 21st August due to the V Festival taking place. 

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