Crime falls at V Festival Weston Park

The organisers of V Festival, Staffordshire Police, Staffordshire Fire Services and West Midlands Ambulance Service are delighted to confirm that the festival at Weston Park, headlined by Justin Timberlake and The Killers this weekend, has been a huge success with crime figures and medical incidences both reduced by a third.

Staffordshire Police, which worked closely with crowd management and security firm Showsec to ensure the safety of festival goers. Superintendent Elliott Sharrard-Williams said: “We are very pleased with this weekend’s policing operation and V Festival at Weston Park. Our officers, staff and members of the special constabulary have been working closely with the event security teams to ensure everyone has been able to enjoy the festival and stay safe.

“V Festival is like dropping a small town on Weston Park, of course with so many people we looking to enjoy themselves, some criminals will of course try to target visitors so it’s really pleasing that the numbers of crime has significantly reduced compared to previous years. We had officers working around the clock and it’s not just within the park, local neighbourhood officers have been on regular patrol in the local communities and our Road Crime team have been working to support the traffic flow around the area.

“This has been a real team effort, event management, security teams and dozens of other partners have worked together to make this weekend such a success, and of course we have already begun to plan for next year.”

Medical incidences also dropped from last year, with numbers reduced by a third. Ted Wilson, Event Control Manager of Venture Event Medical Management, said: “We’ve been coming to V Festival since it started and this has been our quietest weekend ever in terms of medical incidences.

“Figures are much lower. We treated 871 people on site, the majority being for slips, trips, cuts and bruises, and a few minor burns. 21 People were sent to hospital, mainly as a precaution. We have had very little drug related issues, but a number of alcohol related incidences as expected. There is a great working relationship with Police, Fire and all other agencies. We look forward to coming back again next year.”

A medical centre was operating on site, along with a command and control centre which has coordinated ambulances and other medical staff who have been stationed within the main areas and campsite areas. A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “This year, many of the patients were treated for medical issues and many already had pre-existing medical conditions.

“With thousands of people all in one place, it’s always expected that some people will fall ill and require medical help. At Weston Park, the team of almost 300 staff and volunteers were on hand and have worked extremely hard to ensure every patient is given the very best treatment. The staff and volunteers will continue to remain on site all day today, until the last of the campers have left.

Showsec Security were on site this year at Weston Park and the searches carried out lead to over 100 ticket holders being thrown out of the music event.

Mark Logan, director of Showsec, said: “To ensure the safety of festival goers we have a number of systems in place such as enhanced search, crime teams and plain clothes’ operatives that have successfully  reduced the year on year crime figures. The central focus was on crime reduction whilst maintaining a high standard of customer service.

“This year, with the help of Roseclaim, we really focused on delivering a bespoke service to the disabled areas borne out of experienced industry best practice, marrying up the central features of customer service in the arena market with the complexity of delivery to the festival environment.While delivering these aims the company has continued to grow in it’s knowledge of the site and to ensure that we engineered the crowd management plan to maximize the safety and the enjoyment of our customers and the performing talent.”

Fire Services also reported a lower number of incidences than in previous years. Mick Jahn, Fire Services Station Manager, said “ Very well managed event. Just had a handful of small fires and one van fire that spread to a caravan, which was dealt with very swiftly by the onsite fire team. There has been improvements in fire safety on site this year, which is very encouraging.”

V Festival continues to work closely with the local authorities to ensure minimal disruption to the community, but remains a benifical event for the entire area. Councilor Roy Morton, Chairman of Licensing Committee at South Staffordshire Council, said: “Another very successful V has concluded. One of the most important factors that helps to make V the success it is the partnership between all of the agencies involved, including the organisers and their contractors, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue, Police, Medical Services and Trading Standards. We look forward to V 2015 coming back to South Staffordshire.”

Colin Sweeney, Chief Executive of the Weston Park Foundation, added: “Obviously Weston Park is thrilled to hold such an important national music event such as the V Festival, and its fantastic to see it was another great success in 2014.”

Andy Redhead, festival organiser, summarised: “We’re really pleased with the success of the weekend and the fact that we’re down on crime and medical incidences by a third. We have to thank all the agencies that we work closely with in ensuring the festival is a safe and enjoyable environment for all. We’ve put a limited amount of tickets for 2015 on sale from Wednesday at 9am at this year’s prices. We look forward to welcoming V Festival fans back next year to celebrate our 20th anniversary.”


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